Zinc chloride aqueous solution

CHLOREK 45 cynku roztwór wodny
CHLOREK CYNKU 60% roztwór wodny
Zinc chloride in the form of an aqueous solution is offered in standard concentrations of 45%, 60% and 65%. The concentration can be changed at the Client’s request. The product is used in hot-dip galvanizing plants, as an additive for flux baths, for restoring its salt proportions or as a component of a new flux bath. It is also used in the production of plant protection products and as an electrolyte for zinc-carbon and zinc-air batteries.
Hot dip galvanizingFlux bath additive
Restoration of salt proportion in a flux bath
Component of a new flux bath
Fertilizer manufacturersPlant protection products
Battery manufacturersElectrolyte for zinc-carbon batteries
Zinc-air battery electrolyte

Zinc chloride 45%
aqueous solution

Zinc chloride 60 %
aqueous solution

CHLOREK CYNKU 65% roztwór wodny