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Company History

The RECYNK company was founded in 2005. Initially, its mainstay was trading in zinc-containing waste and remelting zinc-containing waste to form input zinc. However, due to the dynamically changing market situation and in response to our Clients’ needs, in 2012 the Remelting Department was closed and replaced by the Chemical Department. It’s main goal was to create an innovative technology for safe and efficient production of zinc oxide, zinc chloride and zinc-ammonium flux.
Today RECYNK is a leading producer of zinc chemistry, proud of its professional production facilities and research laboratory, able to guarantee the highest and consistent quality of products and services. Thanks to the efforts of our experts the company is continuously progressing and is able to serve various branches of industry. The experience and knowledge we have accumulated allow us to constantly improve the technology and to adapt to the needs of our Clients and the market.
The seat of the Management Board and the production plant are positioned near the German-Polish border, in the Pielgrzymka locality situated in the Lower Silesian Voivodship. This location makes allows for both an ease of service for Western European Clients as well as cooperation with companies from Poland.


In all aspects of our business, from product development, through the production process, to delivery, we focus on the needs and expectations of our Clients. We offer our advice and expertise on every stage of the transaction. We aspire to form long-term cooperation based on reliability and trust.


We seek to build lasting partner relations with our Clients as well as Suppliers and Associates. We are convinced that this approach is key to the development and success of not only our company, but also the people and institutions that work with us.

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For the sake of the natural environment we minimize the negative impact of waste generated by the zinc industry by recycling its raw materials.


Our years of experience and the constant efforts of our experts to control and improve the formulas have allowed us to create a unique offer consisting exclusively of high-quality products.


Our research laboratory and modern technological processes guarantee that the products and services we offer meet the expectations of our Clients and are the best response to the current market needs.